Roller® is an innovative adjuvant for improved weeds control by sulfonylureas herbicides and also better contact fungicides efficiency by  wetting, spreading and humectant functionalities.


Electron™ is an innovative adjuvant for better control of broad leaves weeds by sulfonylureas, bentazone and phenoxyacid herbicides, grasses weeds control by “fop and dim” herbicides and pH prone insecticides.
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Velocity Maxx®

Velocity Maxx® is an innovative adjuvant especially designed to accelerate efficiency of systemic fungicides treatment. Velocity Maxx® improves the properties of the spray solution, accelerates penetration into plants and increases the biological efficacy of fungicides with systemic effect via wetting, spreading, penetration and humectant functionalities.


Remix® is an innovative adjuvant for better and more reliable soil residual herbicides application and improved weeds control in the wide range of important crops by application drifts reduction, uniform coverage of soil surface and increased adsorption of the active ingrediences by soil particles

Companion Gold®

Companion Gold® is a multifunctional adjuvant to improve spray water quality and application efficiency by pH buferring, water conditioning, anti-foaming, drift losses reduction, surface humectification, lower evaporation from leaves surface and sealant (OSR pods and sunflower dics).

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