Price from 184 uah/ha

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Product composition: 1.1% polyacrylamide + 16% ammonium sulphate

Good spray in hard treatment conditions.

Companion Gold® is a multifunctional adjuvant to improve spray water quality and application efficiency by:

pH buferring

water conditioning


drift losses reduction

surface humectification

lower evaporation from leaves surface

sealant (OSR pods and sunflower dics)

Companion Gold® is applied with non-selective herbicides and crop protection products that are prone to higher pH (> 6,0) and unfavorable spray water hardness or when application results are under risks of rainfalls shortly after application or quickly drying up leaves surfaces (temperature, winds, ect .)

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Companion Gold® Benefits

Adjustment of pH to optimum level

Deactivation of spray water hardness cations (Ca++, Na+, Mn++, K+ and Fe+++)

Elimination of foaming during products mixing

Reduction of application drifts and crop protection products spray losses

Better rain-fastness

Less run off from leaves

Less seeds volunteers yield losses

Recommendation for use

Application rate: 0,5-1,0 л/га

Area of use/crops Common Tank-Mix partners by active ingredients
Uncultivated land glyphosate
Pre-sawing soil preparation glyphosate
Products with high pH sensitive a.i. contain/pH buffering needs aminopyralid, captan, chlorpyrifos, chlormequat, clethodim, clodinafop, cymoxanil, desmedipham, dimethoate, phenmedipham, tepraloxydim
Hard water conditioning clethodim, iodosulfuron, clyphosate, mesosulfuron, prohexadione-Ca, tepraloxydim, "Phenoxy herbicide" 2,4-D, CMPP, dicamba and MCPA that are based on salt formulations
Leaves fertilizers application leaves fertilizers

Application rate: 1,0 л/гa

Area of use/crops Common Tank-Mix partners by active ingredients
Sunflower desiccation glyphosate, diquate
Oil seed rape desiccation glyphosate
Note: Companion Gold® is always added to a sprayer tank as the FIRST one! Always read and follow products labels!

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