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Product composition: 732 g/l (83%) paraffinic oil

A strong bond with soil surface.

Remix® is an innovative adjuvant for better and more reliable soil residual herbicides application and improved weeds control in the wide range of important crops by:

application drifts reduction

uniform coverage of soil surface

increased absorption of the a.i. by soil particles

Remix® reduces the risk of crops injuries and level of stress after soil herbicides applications and improves the biological efficacy of herbicides with residual soil activity.

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Remix® Benefits

Less herbicides losses caused by application drifts

Healthier crops

Better weeds control

Recommendation for use
Main crops Compatibility
Cereals pendimetalin
Oil seed rape clomazone, metazachlor, metazachlor + quinmerac, propisochlor, clomazone + metazachlor, dimethenamid P, napropamide, dimethachlor
Sunflower acetochlor, prometrine, flurochloridone, oxyflurofen, propisochlor, pendimetalin
Corn acetochlor, atrazine, s-metalachlor, terbutilazine, propisochlor, pendimetalin
Sugar beet metamitron, chloridazone, S-metalachlor
Soya prometrin, clomazone,acetochlor, pendimetalin
Vegetables prometrin, flurochlorine, S-metalachlor, pendimetalin
Note: Remix® is always added to a sprayer tank as the LAST one! Always read and follow products labels!

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