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Product composition: 832 g/l ethylene oxide propylene oxide +
169.3 g/l polyether modified ABA triblock copolymer trisiloxane

Strong bond with leaves.

Roller® is an innovative adjuvant for improved weeds control by sulfonylureas herbicides and also better contact fungicides efficiency by:



humectan functionalities

Roller® applications with sulfonylurea herbicides brings better leaves coverage, reduces the risk of application run off and droplets drying out and bring significant benefits in use:

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Roller® Benefits

Crop protection products deliver better results

Lower crop products losses and higher treatment efficiency

Lower crop protection products evaporation from leaves after applications

Recommendation for use
Main crops Common Tank-Mix partners by active ingredients
Cereals tribenuron, metsulfuron, thifensulfuron, idosulfuron, triasulfuron, sulfonylurea formulation mixtures
Oilseed rape ethametsulfuron
Sunflower tribenuron (tolerant sunflower seeds only)
Corn rimsulfuron, thifensulfuron, nicosulfuron, sulfonylurea formulation mixtures
Sugar beet triflusulfuron, triflusulfuron Tank-Mix with PMP/DMP/ETHO products
Note: Roller® is always added to a sprayer tank as the LAST one! Always read and follow product lables!
Application rate
0,05-0,1 l/ha

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