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Product composition: 745 g/l oil (Rapeseed fatty acide methyl ester) +   103 g/l polyether modified trisiloxane

Accelerator of systemic fungicides treatments.

Velocity Maxx® improves the properties of the spray solution, accelerates penetration into plants and increases the biological efficacy of fungicides with systemic effect via:




humectant functionalities

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Velocity Maxx® is an innovative adjuvant especially designed to accelerate efficiency of systemic fungicides treatment.

Velocity Maxx® value in use benefits are documented scientific trials and supported by wide application at European farms including Ukraine.

Velocity Maxx® Benefits

Better uptake of a.i. in plants tissue

Safer spray water volume reduction (100 l/ha) and higher spray efficiency in cereals (h/ha)

Positive yield response (t/ha)

Better efficacy of diseases control

Better Fusarium spp. control on winter wheat heads and DON contains reduction

Improves morphoregulation regulatory effect of triazoles (e.g. tebuconazole, metconazole) in oilseed rape

Recommendation for use
Main crops Common Tank-Mix partners by active ingredients
Cereals, oilseed rape, sunflower, sugar beet, soya, grapes tebuconazole, propiconazole, cyproconazole, epoxyconazole, triazole formulation mixtures with e.g. strobilurines, SDHI, prochloraz, carbendazim, other triazoles, etc. and tank-mix blends
Note: Velocity Maxx® is always added to a sprayer tank as the LAST one! Always read and follow products labels!
Application rate

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