BBCH 0-11


Less drift lossess, better coverage efficacy, lower phytoxicty risksLearn more about Remix benefits »
BBCH 13-30

Companion Gold®

Better phenoxyacid herbicides efficacyLearn more about Companion Gold benefits »
BBCH 13-32


Better sulfonylureas efficacyLearn more about Roller benefits »
BBCH 13-32


Better grass weed control byvfenoxaprop-P-ethylLearn more about Electron benefits »
BBCH 30-69

Velocity Maxx®

Accelerator of systemic fungicides efficiency, less risks with 100 liter of spray water per haLearn more about Velocity Maxx benefits »
BBCH 71-92

Companion Gold®

For more information on DISCOVERY® adjuvants use in Winter Cereals spray program

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